OPT - What sets us apart

What does set our company apart from the rest?

OPT Metallbau stands out because of its excellent versatility and completeness of the range of services offered to the customer


Samples and prototypes

Produced by the Technical Office, equipped with three CAD and CAM stations thanks to which customised solutions are developed for all kinds of needs.


Special machining and customisation

OPT Metallbau operates with the main objective of knowing how to offer more and more innovative and efficient solutions thanks to the most technologically advanced equipment it avails itself of.


Corten steel processing

OPT Metallbau also specialises in the processing and treatment of Corten steel.


Carpentry and tinsmithery

OPT Metallbau makes tubular stainless steel and iron components, assembles the tinsmithery, from gutters to copper flashings and pre-painted material.


Stoves and fireplaces

OPT Metallbau builds stoves and fireplaces that ensure greater economic savings thanks to long-lasting fire and embers.


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